We create seatings and shapes, challenging wood. We are Wud Design and we come from Piedmont, Italy


If the search for beauty is in the real world we do not need to take refuge in ideal worlds to reach it.

The search of the harmony of forms and of beauty in our work is the greatest stimulus coming even before answers to practical functionality. Our projects are attributable to the universe of design but first of all they respond to the constant search of the sculptor.

If it’s said that everything has been written, we think, however, there is still space for new discoveries, for new modeling of materials; we become aware of this day after day while pursuing the research for innovation.

So our progress is not just fruit of fantasy with no links to reality; it’s a path of creativity based on solid common knowledge framed in patterns which, filtered through subjective sensitivity, will generate a sense of reward or cross-references with emotional resonance and awe.

The traceability of the path is fundamental; if the rules are established without the possibility for the user to understand them, the relationship between user and artist will be based on strength and not on sharing. The understanding of a piece of art, even if at different levels, brings about emotions and growth with benefits for everybody.

For this reason our aim is to generate the excitement of research and stimulate a route back during which the final composition will be revealed in the torsion and contortion of its making.

We are aware that this means operating within the rules, according to traceable and predictable patterns, with the limitations due to shape and size of material, but this doesn’t certainly mean to restrain our creativity.

As confirmed by members of OULIPO literature: is giving rules and restrictions that raises the level of quality and innovation, often with amazing results.

We cannot conceal the fact that we are often surprised by our creations, which sometimes exceed our own expectations.

Wang Shu, winner of Pritzker Prize 2012, interviewed by “La Stampa” said:
“If you want to be an architect, learn to be a woodworker”
Adriano Rolfo, on the contrary, was an architect for a long time and now is ready to be a woodworker.